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Jane Austen
R. W. and Jane Austen Chapman
Austen Jane
Austen, Jane, 1775-1817
Nancy Butler
Grogan, Claire [Editor]
Jane; R. W. Chapman (collator) Austen
Austen (Jane)]
Austen Jane 1775-1817
Austen, Jane (ed R.W. Chapman)
Austen, Jane [ edited by R.W. Chapman ]
Austen, Jane;Le Faye, Deirdre
Jane Austen. Edited by Ernest Rhys.

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Austen, Jane, 1775-1817,Austen, Henry Thomas, 1771-1850,Austen, Jane, 1775-1817. Persuasion,Murray, John, 1778-1843, publisher,Roworth, Charles,...
Austen, Jane, Austen, Henry Thomas, Austen, Jane, Persuasion,Murray, John, publisher,Roworth, Charles, fl., printer
Austen, Jane, and Massey, Anna (Read by)
Austen, Jane, and 1st World Library (Editor)
Austen, Jane, and Benedict, Barbara M (Editor), and Le Faye, Deirdre (Editor)
Austen, Jane; Johnson, R. Brimley (introduction)
Jane Austen; introductions by Richard Church
Austen, Jane and Dobson, Austin [introduction] illustrated by Hugh Thomson
Austen, Jane and Peters, Donada (read by)
Austen, Jane, and Dragomir, Carmina M (Editor)
Austen, Jane, and Hartmetz, Richard S (Editor)
Austen, Jane, and McCaddon, Wanda (Read by)
Austen, Jane, and The Perfect Library (Editor)
Austen, Jane, Austen, Henry Thomas, Austen, Jane, Persuasion
AUSTEN, Jane; AUSTEN-LEIGH, J. E. (memoir); GARRETT, Edmund H., GREATBATCH, William, and uncredited (illustrators)
Austen, Jane; Church, Introduction By Richard
Austen, Jane; Leigh, J E Austen (memoir); Woolsey, Sarah Chauncey (letters ed
Illustrated by Hugh Thomson By (author) Jane Austen
Austen, Jane [with introductions by Daphne Du Maurier and others]
Austen, Jane; intro by Richard Church; wood engravings by Joan Hassall