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George Orwell
SparkNotes Editors George Orwell
Coles Editorial Board
George & Irving Howe Orwell
George & Steven Devine Orwell
George ( AKA: Eric Arthur Blair Orwell
Orwell, George (Howe, Irving Ed)
Orwell, George, and Howe, Irving
Welch, Robert; Orwell, George

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Orwell, George
Orwell George (Eric Arthur Blair); cover by Facett
Orwell, George (Introduction By James Gunn
Orwell, George, And Herman Finkelstein Collection
Orwell, George; Peter Davison, intro.; Steven Devine, ill
Orwell, George ( AKA: Eric Arthur Blair ) / Franklin Library ( Leather Bound Edition
Howe, Irving (Editor), and Crwell, George, and Orwell, George
Orwell, George; Davison, Peter (editor); Siegel, Daniel G. (preface)