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James Laughlin
Albert M. Hayes
Thomas Merton
editor Laughlin James
Miller, Henry; Laughlin, James (ed
James General Editor Laughlin

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Laughlin, James
LAUGHLIN, James, Peter Glassgold and Frederick R Martin (editors)
James, Ed. New Directions. Laughlin
Laughlin IV, James;Stevens, Wallace;Stein, Gertrude;Pound, Ezra;Cummings, E.E.;Moore, Marianne
PERIODICAL. LAUGHLIN, James (ed.) [Kenneth Rexroth, Thomas Merton].
LAUGHLIN, J (Editor) With Contributions by HALPERN, Daniel; HONIG, Edwin; PURDY, James; WILLARD, Nancy
FERLINGHETTI, Lawrence). (WILLIAMS, Tennessee). (LAUGHLIN, James
GINSBERG, Allen). (LAUGHLIN, James). (PATCHEN, Kenneth). (WILLIAMS, Tennessee). (ASHBERY, John). (CHAR, Rene). (HAWKES, John). (LAMANTIA, Philip)....
Laughlin, James (ed.); F. Garcia Lorca; Henry Miller; Dylan Thomas; Kenneth Patchen; Robert Fitzgerald; Elizabeth Bishop; Charles Henri Ford; John...
Laughlin, James Ed. By; Frederick Busch; Cid Corman; Coleman Dowell; Robert Duncan; Kenneth Rexroth; Omar Pound; Gary Snyder; Edouard Roditi Etc Etc
James; Glassgold, Peter; Martin, Fredrick R. Laughlin
Laughlin, J. (Ed. ) Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
LAUGHLIN, James (ed); Robert Lowry, Muriel Rukeyser, Anais Nin, Oscar Williams, Maude Hutchins, Lionel Abel, Kenneth Rexroth, H J Kaplan, Charles...
Laughlin, James (Editior) ; Ferlinghetti, Lawrence; West, Paul; Antin, David; Purdy, James
Laughlin, James (editor) ; Abish, Walter; Bly, Robert; Duncan, Robert; Felinghetti, Lawrence; Giannini, David; Levertov, Denise; Purdy, James &...
James (Ed. ) [Kenneth Rexroth, Thomas Merton]. Periodical. Laughlin
(Williams, Tennessee; Lorca, Federico Garcia; Rexroth, Kenneth; Goodman, Paul; Williams, William Carlos; Patchen, Kenneth; et al). Laughlin,...
(Williams, William Carlos; Goodman, Paul; Merriam, Eve; Eberhart, Richard) Laughlin, James, editor