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Emile Zola
Zola, Emile, 1840-1902
Zola, Emile (1840-1902).
Zola, Emile, translated by Charles Duff
Emile Limited Editions ClubZola
Emile Introduction by Ernest Boyd Zola
Zola, Emile, and Lamotte, Bernard
Zola, Emile; Charles Duff (Translator)
Zola, Emile; Duff, Charles

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Zola, Emile
Zola, Emile Illustrator: Illustrated by Fred A. Mayer
ZOLA, Emile / Translated by George Holden / Illustrated by Allan Mardon
ZOLA, Emile. (All translated into English by various translators).
Zola, Emile; Douglas Parmee (Translator)
Zola, Emile; F J Vizetelly (Translator) and Henry James (Note)
Emile; With illustrations in silhouette by Mayer, Fred A. Zola
Zola, Nana
Zola, Emile (translated by Victor Plarr) , with An Essay by George Moore
Zola, Emile, 1840-1902,Hermalin, D. M., 1865-1921
Zola, Emile, and Parmée, Douglas (transl)
ZOLA, Emile; MARX, Erich, translator into German from the French; SENDLER-PETERS, Renate, illustrator
Zola, Emile; Vizetelly, E.A. (transl.); James, Henry (note); Galantiere, Lewis (intro.)