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William S. Burroughs
BURROUGHS (William S.)

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William S. Burroughs
BURROUGHS, William S (KEROUAC, Jack, Terry Southern, E S Selden, John Ciardi, Norman Mailer, and Robert Lowell)
Rosenthal, Irving, ed William S Burroughs, contrib
SILVERBURG, Ira, editor William S Burroughs, David Cronenberg
BURROUGHS, William S , Terry Southern, E S Seldon
Burroughs, William S. (Essay) Southern, Terry. (Essay)
Burroughs, William S.; Grauerholz, James [Editor]; Miles, Barry [Editor]
Cydney Chadwick [editor]; William S. Burroughs
Silverberg, Ira. (ed) [ William S. Burroughs - Intro]
Silverberg Ira (Editor)-And Burroughs William