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George Armstrong Custer
Custer, George A. (George Armstrong), 1839-1876
George A. Custer
General G. A. Custer
George a (George Armstrong) 18 Custer
G.A. Ed. Kenneth Fenwick Custer
George A. & Milo Milton Quaife Custer

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Custer, George Armstrong
Custer, George Armstrong, 1839-1876, Making Of America Project
Custer, George Armstrong; Quaife, Milo Milton, Ed
Custer, George Armstrong; Trollope, Anthony; De Forest, J.W. Et Al
Custer, General George A. [Armstrong]/Quaife, Milo Milton (Editor)
Custer, General George A. (Milo Quaife, Editior)
Custer, General George A. And Edited By Quaife, Milo Milton, Illustrations & Map
Custer, General George A.; Quaife, Milo Milton (Editor)
Custer, George A. & (Edited By) Quaife, Milo Milton
Custer, George Armstrong; Custer, Elizabeth B.
Custer, General A. (Ed. Milo Milton Quaife)
Custer, General George (Intro By Edgar I. Stewart)
Custer, General George A. Milo Milton Quaife, Editor
General George Armstrong Custer Elizabeth Custer
Custer, George A. Edited By Milo Milton Quaife