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Alan Jay Lerner
Franz Allers
G B Shaw and Lerner
G B Shaw & Lerner
Various Contributors
Lerner, Alan Jay; Loewe, Frederick
F. Loewe (Composer) A. Lerner (Composer)
Frederick Loewe
Lerner, Alan J.; Shaw, George Bernard
Loewe, Frederick; Lerner, Alan Jay
A J Lerner
hermin levin
Frederick Loewe Alan Jay Lerner
Alan Jay And Frederick Loewe Lerner
Lerner, Alan Jay. (Book & Lyrics)
LOEWE, Frederick (1901-1988)
Loewe, Frederick And Lerner, Alan Jay
Loewe,f & lerner,A.
Lowe, Frederick; Lerner, Alan Jay
Rex Harrison/ Julie Andrews

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Lerner, Alan Jay
Lerner, Alan Jay (Adaption & Lyrics) Loewe, Fredrick
Lerner, Alan Jay (Adaptation And Lyrics By). (Shaw, George)
Lerner, Alan Jay (Book & Lyrics By). (Loewe, Frederick)
Lerner, Alan Jay; Loewe, Frederick; Levin, Herman; Todd, Diane & Evans, Michael (Beaton, Cecil Costumes Designed)
Lerner, Alan Jay; Shaw, George Bernard; Loewe, Frederick