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William Shakespeare
Brendan P Kelso
G B Harrison
1564-1616 Shakespeare
Branagh, Kenneth; Shakespeare, William
William and George Brandes Shakespeare
William; Sparknotes Shakespeare
Andrew Matthews
Henry Hudson
Richard O Peterson
Shakespeare, William, and Macaw Books
SHAKESPEARE, William, Fritz Kredel
Shakespeare, William; Smith, J.C.
Shakespere William
Alexander Dyce William Shakespeare
William/ Stevenson Shakespeare

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Shakespeare, William, and Wright, Louis B, and LaMar, Virginia A.
Shakespeare, William/ Stevenson, David L.
Shakespeare, William (Edited by Sir Walter Greg & Charlton Hinman)
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Introduction by Esther Wood (Shakespeare, William)
Shakespeare, William; Editor-Virginia A. LaMar Louis B. Wright; Illustrator-Folge
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Shakespeare, William & Rolff, W. J. (ed)
Shakespeare, William / Solomon, Martin / Seltzer, Isadore
Shakespeare, William ; Howard-Hill, Dr. T. H,.
Shakespeare, William \ Broido, Ephraim [Translation, Introduction and notes]
Shakespeare, William Kittredge, George Lyman
Shakespeare, William. Davis, O. B., Charles Church, Jr., Philip Burnham, Norman N. Holland, editors
Shakespeare, William; Gocke, Rainer; Quabeck, Franziska
Shakespeare, William; Tomson, Virgil (Commentary)
William (editor - Henry N. Hudson). SHAKESPEARE
SHAKESPEARE, William ... biographical introduction by Henry Glassford BELL
Shakespeare, William [edited By G. B. Harrison]
William Shakespeare, Dr David Francis, Edmund Munroe
William Shakespeare, Edmond Malone, Isaac Reed
Shakespeare, William und William Aldis (Ed.) Wright
William, ,Rolfe, W. J. (William James), Shakespeare
Shakespeare, William. Edited By Richard Grant White
Shakespeare, William; Sheldon P. Zitner (Editor)
Shakespeare, William; William W. Lawrence (Editor)