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Captain Marryat
Capt Marryat
Capt Frederick Marryat
Captain F. Marryat
Captain Federick Marryat
1792-1848 Marryat
MARRYAT, Captain (Capt.)
Captain Laurence East Marryat
Marryat, Frederick (Captain)

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Marryat, Captain Frederick
Marryat, Frederick Captain; Polseno, Jo [Illustrator]
Captain Marryat, Alexandre Dumas, R. L. Stevenson, Mark Twain illustrated by A. S. Forrest, A. E. Bestall, & A. M. Trotter
Marryat, Captain (Frederick), Edited By R. Brimley Johnson
Marryat, Captain Frederick; Edward Howard; ( by the author of "Peter Simple," Jacob Faithful," ETC ).
Marryat, Frederick, and Jerndorff-Jessen, P (Translator)
Marryat, Frederick; Polseno, Jo (Illustrator)