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Yale Kamisar
Livingston Hall
Yale Kamisar. Wayne R. LaFave
Wayne R. LaFave Yale Kamisar

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Yale Kamisar
Israel, Jerold H.; Wayne, R. Lafave; Kamisar, Yale
Hall, Livingston/Kamisar, Yale/Lafave, Wayne R. /Israel, Jerold H
Yale; LaFave, Wayne R.; Israel, Jerold H. Kamisar
Kamisar, Yale; Lafave, Wayne R. And Jerold H. Isreal
Yale /Lafave, Wayne / Isreal, Jerold Kamisar
Hall, Livingston; Yale Kamisar , general editor is Erwin Griswold
Kamisar, Yale ; LaFave, Wayne R. ; Israel, Jerold H.
Kamisar, Yale., Wayne R.LaFave, Jerold H.Israel.
Yale Kamisar, Wayne R. LaFave, and Jerold H. Israel