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Wilson Follett
Wilson (1887-1963) Follett
Wilson; Barzun Follett
Jacques Follett Wilson; Barzun
Wilson and Jacques Barzun Follett
Wilson-Text Follett
Jacques And Others Barzun

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Wilson (Edited And Completed By Jacques Barzun) Follett
FOLLETT,Wilson .BARZUN,Jacques ed & collaboration BAKER,Carlos.McGinley,Phyllis & TRILLING,Lionel
Follett, Wilson. Edited & completed by Jacques Barzun & others
Barzun, Jacques; Baker, Carlos; Dupee, Frederick W.; Fitts, Dudley; Hart, James D. ' McGinley, Phyllis; Trilling, Lionel
Follett, Wilson Jacques Barzun, Carlos baker, Lionel Trilling et al
Follett, Wilson; Edit. And Completed By Jacques Barzun in Collab. With Carlos Baker, Frederick W. Dupee, Dudley Fitts, James D. Hart, Phyllis...
Follett. Wilson; Edited By Barzun, Jacques
Wilson -Barzun, Jacques, et al, edited/completed Follett
Follett, Wilson; ed. & completed by J. Barzun