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Herman Melville
Ita, Sam (Herman Melville)
Allan Drummond
Herman Melville Guy R. Williams
Herman Melville on
Melville / Boswell / Rousseau / Homer
Herman & Mark Summers (Illus. Melville
Melville, Herman; Arvin, Newton [intro]
1819-1891, Melville Herman (Creator)
Will Eisner
Furse, Sophie (Herman Melville)
Herman Melville, Anthony Heald (Reader)
Gary Gianni Herman Melville
Kathy Hanlon
Stan Lee
Leonard Baskin
MASSMANN, ROBERT E.]. Melville, Herman.
Herman and Rockwell Melville and Kent
Herman Boardman Robinson Melville
Melville, Herman, - . Howard, Leon
Melville, Herman/Engel, Wilson F
Melville, Herman/MacPhee, Laurence
Melville, Herman; Sutton, Felix
Melville, Herman;Renker, Elizabeth
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Herman Melville Viola Meynell

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Melville, Herman Illustrator: Illustrated by Brendan Lynch
Melville, Herman; Bogart, Shirley (adapted by)
Herman Melville, adapted by Shirley Bogart
Albert L. Kanter, Herman Melville, Louis Zansky
Herman Melville Adapted By DaVId Temple, B/W Illustrated Endpapers Light Fox, foRMER OWNER STAMP Back Endpaper, Introduction
Dixson, Robert (adapted by) Melville, Herman
Melville, Herman; Raymond Weaver (intro.)
Melville, Herman & Hayford, Harrison & Parker, Hershel
Melville, Herman, with an afterword by Thomas Fleming
Melville, Herman; Foreword by Ellsberg, Rear Admiral Edward;
Melville, Herman; Schaeffer, Mead (illus)
Hayford, Harrison and Parker, Hershel (Editors) - Melville, Herman
Melville, Herman / Shirley Bogart, ed. : Illustrated by: Pablo Marcos studio / Rick W
Melville, Herman adapted by Geraldine McCaughrean and illustrated by Victor G Ambrus
Robert Maynard Hutchins (Ed), Herman Melville
Herman Melville; Clifton Fadiman [Introduction]; Boardman Robinson [Illustrator];
Melville, Herman with W. Somerset Maugham
Herman. Illustrated By Boardman Robinson Melville
Melville, Herman (Author) / Hutchins, Robert Maynard (Editor) / Adler, Mortimer J. (Editor)
Melville, Herman (Hutchins, Robert M. Maynard Ed). (Adler, J. Mortimer Assoc
Melville, Herman and Carlson, Donna (Adapt. ) Illustrated by Lauter, Richard
Melville, Herman w/intro by Fadiman, Clifton, Illustrated by: Robinson, Boardman
Melville, Herman, - . Maugham, W. (William) Somerset, - , editor. Fischer, Anton Otto,
Melville, Herman, Gianni, Gary, Gary Gianni
Melville, Herman; Fadiman, Clifton (Introduction)
Melville, Herman; Quirk, Tom & Andrew Delbanco
Melville, Herman; Rewritten for young Readers By Sutton, Felix
Melville, Herman; Robinson, Boardman (Illustrator)
MELVILLE, Herman; SUTTON, Felix, adapter; VESTAL, H. B., illustrator
Patricia Daniels (Adapter), Herman Melville (Primary Contributor), Gary Netter (Illustrator)