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Herman Melville
Herman Melville's
Allan Drummond
Gianni, Gary; Melville, Herman
Herman Rockwell Kent Melville
Kent, RockwellMelville, Herman
Melville, HermanRobinson, Boardman
Alex Niño
Brook, Henry (Rtl)
Fink, Joanne, Melville, Herman
Furse, Sophie (Herman Melville)
Gleim, William S (Herman Melville)
Herman; Feidelson Melville
Stan Lee
Melville / Boswell / Rousseau / Homer
Melville Herman; Ill by Ronald Keller
Melville, Herman & Neiman, Larry
Melville, Herman & Reynolds, J N
Herman Boardman Robinson Melville
Melville, Herman, 1819-1891
Melville, Herman, and Somerset Maugham
Melville, Herman, Howard, Leon
Melville, Herman/ Lorimer, Janet (Adp)
Melville, Herman:Quirk, Tom
Melville, Herman; Kazin, Alfred
Melville, Herman;Renker, Elizabeth
Rockwell Kent; Herman Melville

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Melville, Herman Illustrator: Illustrated by Brendan Lynch
Melville, Herman; Foreword by Ellsberg, Rear Admiral Edward;
Melville, Herman]; Brodhead, Richard [Ed
Herman Melville, adapted by Shirley Bogart
Herman Melville Adapted By DaVId Temple, B/W Illustrated Endpapers Light Fox, foRMER OWNER STAMP Back Endpaper, Introduction
MELVILLE, Herman Adapted by Shirley Bogart
Melville, Herman; McCaughrean, Geraldine
Hayford, Harrison and Parker, Hershel (Editors) - Melville, Herman
Melville, Herman ( Afterword y Thomas Fleming
Melville, Herman [1819-1891]; Illustrated by Boardman Robinson
MELVILLE, Herman illustr. Rockwell KENT]
Melville, Herman Introduction by Clifton Fadiman
Robert Maynard Hutchins (Ed), Herman Melville
Herman Melville; Leon Howard [Introduction]
Melville, Herman with W. Somerset Maugham
Melville, Herman; Adapted by Glenn Holder; Illustrated by Thomas C. Fraumeni
Melville, Herman; Clifton Fadiman (Introduction)
Melville, Herman; Intro. By Clifton Fadiman
Melville, Herman; Kent (Illustrator), Rockwell
Melville, Herman; Leon Howard (Introduction)
Melville, Herman; Nineteenth Century Whaling Prints Selected and Introduced by Willard Throp
5 Melville, Herman; Weltliteratur & Klassiker Internationale Autoren
Verne, Jules; Herman Melville; Lewis Carroll; Fyodor Dostoevsky; A Conan Doyle
Kanter, Albert L.; Melville, Herman; Zansky, Louis
Melville, Herman (Author) / Hutchins, Robert Maynard (Editor) / Adler, Mortimer J. (Editor)
Melville, Herman w/intro by Fadiman, Clifton, Illustrated by: Robinson, Boardman
Melville, Herman, and Armesto, Sebastian
Melville, Herman, and Hartmetz, Richard S (Editor)
Melville, Herman, and The Perfect Library (Editor)
Melville, Herman, edited by Alfred Kazin
Melville, Herman, Gianni, Gary, Gary Gianni
Melville, Herman, Maugham, W. (William) Somerset, - , editor. Fischer, Anton Otto,
Melville, Herman, Professor, and Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Melville, Herman; adapt, Bogart, Shirley; ill, Lynch, Brendan
Melville, Herman; Feidelson, Charles, Jr
Melville, Herman; Quirk, Tom & Andrew Delbanco
Melville, Herman; Rewritten for young Readers By Sutton, Felix
Melville, Herman; Robinson, Boardman [Illustrator]
MELVILLE, Herman; SUTTON, Felix, adapter; VESTAL, H. B., illustrator
MELVILLE,Herman (HUTCHINS,Robert M. Maynard Ed).(adler,j.Mortimer Assoc
Nathaniel Hawthorne; Herman Melville; Stephen Crane; Thornton Wilder
Welles, Orson, and Welles, Orson (Adapted by)