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Herman Melville
Orson Welles
Allan Drummond
S. D. Jones Herman Melville
Melville, Herman; Bogart, Shirley
Melville, Herman; Sienkiewicz, Bill
Kent, RockwellMelville, Herman
Melville, HermanRobinson, Boardman
Alex Niño
Eisner, Will; Melville, Herman
Gleim, William S (Herman Melville)
Herman Melville's
Melville / Boswell / Rousseau / Homer
Melville, Herman & Reynolds, J N
Herman Boardman Robinson Melville
Herman Rockwell Kent Melville
Melville, Herman, and Ray Bradbury
Melville, Herman, Howard, Leon
Melville, Herman/ Lorimer, Janet (Adp)
Melville, Herman;Renker, Elizabeth
Melville. Herman
Rockwell Kent; Herman Melville

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Melville, Herman Illustrator: Illustrated by Brendan Lynch
Melville, Herman; Schaeffer, Mead (illus
Herman Melville (Autor), Christian Brückner (Erzähler)
MELVILLE, Herman Adapted by Shirley Bogart
Herman Melville Adapted By DaVId Temple, B/W Illustrated Endpapers Light Fox, foRMER OWNER STAMP Back Endpaper, Introduction
Melville, Herman; McCaughrean, Geraldine
Melville, Herman]; Brodhead, Richard [Ed
Herman Melville, adapted by Shirley Bogart
Hayford, Harrison and Parker, Hershel (Editors) - Melville, Herman
Melville, Herman ( Afterword y Thomas Fleming
Robert Maynard Hutchins (Ed), Herman Melville
Herman Melville; Leon Howard [Introduction]
Melville, Herman with W. Somerset Maugham
Melville, Herman; Leon Howard (Introduction)
5 Melville, Herman; Weltliteratur & Klassiker Internationale Autoren
Verne, Jules; Herman Melville; Lewis Carroll; Fyodor Dostoevsky; A Conan Doyle
Melville, Herman (Author) / Hutchins, Robert Maynard (Editor) / Adler, Mortimer J. (Editor)
Melville, Herman (sourcework)]: Bradbury, Ray, and John Huston [screenwriters
MELVILLE, Herman - FADIMAN, Clifton (Intro.) - ROBINSON, Boardman (Ilustr.)
Melville, Herman w/intro by Fadiman, Clifton, Illustrated by: Robinson, Boardman
Melville, Herman, and Armesto, Sebastian
Melville, Herman, and Books, Mogul (Prepared for publication by)
Melville, Herman, and Jonesey, Daniel Lazarus (Producer)
Melville, Herman, and Press, Summit Classic (Editor), and Bandy, G Edward (Introduction by)
Melville, Herman, Maugham, W. (William) Somerset, - , editor. Fischer, Anton Otto,
Melville, Herman, Professor, and Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Melville, Herman; adapt, Bogart, Shirley; ill, Lynch, Brendan
Melville, Herman; Foreword by Ellsberg, Rear Admiral Edward;
Melville, Herman; Kent, Rockwell [Illustrator]
Melville, Herman; Kipling, Rudyard; Boswell, James; Homer, Etc.
Melville, Herman; Quirk, Tom & Andrew Delbanco
Melville, Herman; Rewritten for young Readers By Sutton, Felix
Melville, Herman; Robinson, Boardman (Illustrator)
Melville, Herman]: Bradbury, Ray, and John Huston [screenwriters