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Ovid Wilfred Pirt Mustard
Illustrated by Hans Erni Ovid
Stanley Lombardo Ovid
Harold North Fowler
Jestin, Charbra Adams; Katz, Phyllis B.
Ovid; Henry T. Riley
Vergil Ovid
Charbra Adams Jestin Phyllis B. Katz
John Dryden
Edward Ovid Edward Brooks
Allen; Marialuisa De Romans Mandelbaum
translated by frank jsutus miller Ovid
Ovid/ Gleason, Clarence W., Editor
Ovid; Juvenal; Virgil
Ovidii [Ovid]
Ovid; William Caxton
OvidCaxton, William (Trans. )
Banier (Antoine, M L'Abb ), Ovid
Ethan Allen Andrews
Ethan Andrews
Clarence W. Gleason
Rolfe Ovid Humphries
John Clarke
Jr. Edward Brooks, Ovid, Edward Ovid
Lee, A.G. (Ovid)
Miller Frank Justus
Ovid (Brewer, Wilmon)
Ovid (trans: Frank Justus Miller)
OVID [CLARK, Thomas, Trans.]
Ovid, (Riley, Henry T., translator)
Ovid, [translated by William Caxton]
J W E Pearce Ovid
Ovid, Vergil, and Charles Knapp
Virgil Ovid
Wilfred Pirt Mustard Ovid
Ovid. (Brookes More, Trans. )
Ovid. Translation by Brookes More.
Arthur S. Ovid; Bond John; Walpole
Ovid; Daniel Crespin
Ovid; J. J. Moore-Blunt
Frank Justus Ovid; Miller
George Ovid; Sandys
D. A. Ovid; Slater
Vergil & Ovid & Charles Knapp
Wright, F. A. (Translator)

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Ovid (Naso, Publius Ovidius); Hamilton, Bryce; Clark, Thomas; Heilig, Geo. William
Ovid, B.C.- or A.D,Allen, William Francis, ,Greenough, J. B. (James Bradstreet), ,Fowler, Harold North, ,Allen, Joseph Henry,
Ovid, B.C.- or A.D,Bond, John,Walpole, Arthur Sumner, or ,Mustard, Wilfred P. (Wilfred Pirt),
Ovid - Metamorphosen by Henneböhl, Rudolf
OVID ( RILEY, Henry T. ( literally translated into English Prose by ))
Ovid, introduction and notes Charles Haines Keene
Kittredge, G. L. & Thornton Jenkins, edited by, Ovid
Ovid, B.C.- or A.D. / Golding, Arthur,
Ovid; Literally Translated With Notes And Explanations By Henry T. Riley