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William Shakespeare
David Belasco
Shakespeare, William; Nishimura, Tomiteru (ed.)
Shakespeare, William; with Lowinsky, Thomas, illus.; and Granville-Parker, Harley; etal, introductions
Edited By John Russell Brown
Edited By Ronald F. Fletcher
Hoffman, Dustin (Shakespeare)
Robert Schneider
William; introduction by Harley Granville-Barker Shakespeare
Joan Ozark HOLMER
Angela Lorenz
Shakespeare, William (Translated Into Maori By Pei Te Hurunui)
Shakespeare, William; Gollancz, Israel (Ed)
Mark Edwin Andrews
Alexander W. Crawford
Edited By Henry N. Hudson
Charles Marowitz
David Shakespeare & Belasco
William; ed. P. H. B. Lyon Shakespeare
Clifford A. Wright

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SHAKESPEARE, William QUILLER-COUCH, A.T. (Introduction) LINTON, Sir James D. (Illustrator)
The Red Letter Shakespeare. Edited By E.K. Chambers
Welles, Orson, and Roger Hill [with John Houseman, as Co-Author of the Handbook for Teachers]