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Mencius, Faxian, Confucius
I. A. Richards
Lionel Giles
Arthur B. Hutchinson
Faber, Ernst, and Hutchinson, Arthur B
Giles, Lionel. (Translator)

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frontispiece of Mencius from 18th century portrait I. A. Richards
MENCIUS / GILES, Lionel (Translator)
Mencius; translated by James R. Ware
Confucius, Mencius, Laozi, (Translator) James Legge, (Preface) John S. Bowman
Ernst Faber, Mencius , Arthur B. Hutchinson
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Legge, James, Gu Lu][?? Wang Tao?, ( - )] Confucius
Lionel (Translator) MENCIUS / GILES
Mencius : Selected with an Introduction By Dr Martin Lu )
Mencius. (translated By Lionel Giles)