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Heinrich Godfrey Kramer
Kramer, Heinrich & Sprenger, James
James Sprenger, Henry Kramer, Vince Wilson (Editor), Vince Wilson (Contributor), Montague Summers (Translator)
Summers Montague Rev
Montague Summers Jacobus Sprenger Heinrich Kramer
Rollo Ahmed
Jacobus Sprenger and Heinrich Kramer; Editor-Pennethorne Hughes; Translator-Montague Summers
Heinrich Kramer
Sprenger, James & Kramer, Heinrich / Summers, Montague
Jacobus Sprenger And Heinrich Kramer
Rev. Montague (translator) Summers
Sprenger, J. And Kramer, N.
Summers, Rev. Montague, translator

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Kramer, Heinrich and James Sprenger; Translated with an introduction, bibliography and notes by Montague Summers
INSTITORIS, Heinrich and SPRENGER, Jakob. (SUMMERS, Montague. Trans.):
Jacobus Sprenger, Heinrich Kramer, Montague Summers
Kramer, Heinrich ; Sprenger, James ; Summers, Montague [Introduction]
SUMMERS, Rev. Montague, translated with an introduction, bibliography & notes by