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William Shakespeare
Andrew Matthews
1564-1616 Shakespeare
Gill, Roma (ed.) (William Shakespeare)
Shakespeare, William; Hunter, G.K.
William Clark
Bloom, Harold, Ed; Shakespeare, William
Edmund Chambers
Horace Furness
Shakespeare, William; Brooke, Nicholas
Shakespeare, William; Holmes, Karen
William SparkNotes; Shakespeare
Beverley Birch/ William Shakespeare
Coles Notes (William Shakespeare)
Homer Sprague
William / Locke Shakespeare
William and Eugene O'Neill Shakespeare
Shakespeare, William, Brooke, Nicholas
Shakespeare, William, Hort, John, Hort,
Shakespeare, William, Kortes, Margaret
Shakespeare, William; Harrison, G.B
Shakespeare, William; O'Neill, Eugene
Shakespeare, William; Rigney, James
Shakespeare, William; Sale, James
Shakespeare, William; Williams, Cal
William Shakespeare and Simon Potter
William Shakespeare Christopher Marlowe
John McDonald William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare, William (Author) / Waith, Eugene M. (Editor)
Shakespeare, William) Hayes, Elliott and Michal Schonberg (Eds
Shakespeare, William; Ridley, M.R. (Editor)
William (By Thurber, Samuel Jr & Witham, R. Adelaide Ed With Life Of Author, Acct Of Theatre In His Time. Aids, Etc Shakespeare
William Coles Notes Editorial Board : Shakespeare
William Shakespeare, G. B. Harrison (edit)
Gocke, Rainer (Herausgeber); Stock, Angela (Herausgeber); Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare, William & Pamela Brown, Sir Alec Guinness, The Old Vic Company
Shakespeare, William / Page, Philip / Pettit, Marilyn editors
Shakespeare, William [text edited by William Aldis Wright] [introductions by John Masefield] [J. Walker McSpadden, Henry W. Simon]
Shakespeare, William, and Powell, Martin (Retold by)
Shakespeare, William, Edited for Reading and Arranged for Staging By Orson Welles and Roger Hill
Shakespeare, William, Horace Howard Furness, ed
Shakespeare, William, Welles, Orson, - , editor
Shakespeare, William; Blakely, Gilbert S. (Editor)
Shakespeare, William; Browning,Peter; Herausgeber: Leonhardi, Arnold
Shakespeare, William; ed, Harbage, Alfred
Shakespeare, William; Guinness, Alec; Old Vic
Shakespeare, William; Macbeth, William
Shakespeare, William; Miola, Robert S. (ed)
Shakespeare, William; Okakura, Y.; Ichikawa, Sanki (eds)
White, Richard Grant / Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare, William [Dover Publishers] / 5 Bks By Shakespeare in a Decorated Slipcase
Shakespeare, William and Kenneth Muir, Editor
Shakespeare, William Edited and Revised By Ebenezer Charlton Black
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Shakespeare, William und J. Payne [Hrsg.] Collier
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