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Jan Leeuwen
Aristophanes; Benjamin Bickley Rogers
Kenneth Aristophanes McLeish
DudleyAristophanes Fitts
Aristophanes. Jack Brussel
Aristophanes (Ed. Moses Hadas)
Aristophanes Famous Editions
N. G. Wilson Aristophanes
trans. Dudley Fitts ARISTOPHANES
ARISTOPHANES. J.van Leeuwen.
Aristophanes; Ranjit Bolt
Germaine, Aristophanes, Greer
Halliwell, Stephen, Aristophanes
Gilbert Seldes
United States. Gener

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Aristophanes,Rogers, Benjamin Bickley, -
Aristophanes,Zàvort, Charles Marie, -
Greer, Dr. Germaine; Willmott, Phil; Aristophanes
Aristophanes (Rogers, Benjamin Bickley, ed. and trans.)
ARISTOPHANES -T W Harrison and James Simmons
Aristophanes, edited by F. W. Hall, and W. M. Geldart
Aristophanes, Ill by Pablo Picasso, Intro by Gilbert Seldes
Rogers, Benjamin Bickley, and Aristophanes, Aristophanes