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Menander Aristophanes
DudleyAristophanes Fitts
Dudley Aristophanes and Fitts
N. G. Wilson Aristophanes
Aristophanes. Jack Brussel
Beardsley, Aubrey [Aristophanes]
Gilbert Seldes
trans. Dudley Fitts ARISTOPHANES
Aristophanes. B. B. Rogers (translator)
Charles Zévort

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Aristophanes; Pablo Picasso (Illustrator)
Aristophanes, Jean François Boissonade
ARISTOPHANES Jack Lindsay Norman Lindsay
Aristophanes, edited by F. W. Hall, and W. M. Geldart
Aristophanes,Rogers, Benjamin Bickley, 1828-1919
Corrigan, Robert W. (Translator); Aristophanes; Menander
Aristophanes (new English Version By Dudley Fitts)
Aristophanes. Fitts, Dudley, ; Parry, Marian, ; Clarke, Bert, ; Clarke & Way, ; Thistle Press, ; Limited Editions Club, ; Limited Editions Club Collec
Aristophanes; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; Edmond Rostand; Henrik Ibsen; Anton Chekhov; Eugene O'Neill; Sean O'Casey
Aristophanes, Douglass Parker and Richmond Lattimore (Translators)