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Renate Stendhal
Kim Chernin Ph.D.
Beyle, Marie-Henri (De Stendhal)
Renate Chernin Kim; Stendhal
Blake, Byron, And Others
Byron Blake
SI TANG DA (Stendhal)
Chernin & Stendhal
Chernin Kim
Marie-Henri Beyle (De Stendhal
Robert. Stendahl). Alter

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Byron, Goethe, Rilke, Shakespeare, Stendhal Blake
Stendhal; Suzanne and Gilbert Sale [Translator]
Stendhal (Marie-Henri Beyle); C.K. Scott-Moncrieff (Translator)
Stendhal. (Preface Fragments By). (Henri Beyle).
Bodily Secrets by William Trevor; The Women Who Got Away by John Updike; Eros Unbound by Anais Nin; Magnetism by F.Scott Fitzgerald; The Seducer's...
Stendhal; Woolf, Cecil N. Sidney & Philip Sidney (Transl.)
Stendhal, Henry Beyle; translation by C.K. Scott Moncrieff.
Stendal pseudonym of Henri Beyle (1783 - 1842)] Alter, Robert with Carol Cosman