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Laura Ingalls Wilder
Renee Graef
Roger Lea MacBride
Novel Units, Inc
Wilder, Laura Ingalls;Graef, Renee
Amy Cotler
Ettlinger, Doris, Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Stensrud, Diane Boyd [Editor]

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Wilder, Laura Ingalls, And Williams, Garth
Laura Ingalls; Illustrated by Williams Wilder
Wilder, Laura Ingalls Illustrated by: Illustrated by Garth Williams
Laura Ingalls Wilder; Adapter-Melissa Peterson; Illustrator-Renée Graef
Tedrow, Thomas L., Wilder, Laura Ingalls
The Shores of Silver Lake
Wilder, Laura Ingalls, Lane, Rose Wilder
Wilder, Laura Ingalls, recipes by Amy Cotler and illustrated by Holly Jones