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James Boswell
BOSWELL,James (HUTCHINS,Robert Maynard Ed).(adler,j.Mortimer Associate Ed) (JOHNSON,Samuel about)
E H Shepard
Boswell J
Morley, Henry (Editor)
Samuel- James Boswell Johnson
Boswell James
Boswell, J. (Edited by Fitzgerald, P.)
Chapman, R.W. And Fleeman, J.D.
Fitzgerald, P (Ed) & Boswell, J
John & Dr Johnson E H Shephard Graves
Alexander Main
Morley, F. V. (Editor).
Boswell James 1740-1795
... Boswell
1740-1795 Boswell
Boswell, J. (Birckbeck Hll)
Boswell, James, Edited By Rodney Shewan
Boswell, James, Esq.
Boswell, James, Professor
Boswell, James; A Birrell (Editor)
Boswell, James; Napier, Alexander
E. Malone, J. Boswell, S. Johnson
Graves, John (Ed. )
Johnson, Samule.- - Boswell, James
James Schulpreisbände - Boswell

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Boswell, James, and Croker, John Wilson (Editor)
James Boswell, Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald
Boswell, James (Author) / Hutchins, Robert Maynard (Editor) / Adler, Mortimer J. (Editor)
Boswell, James Edited with Notes and an Introduction By Max J. Herzberg
Johnson, Samuel
Boswell, James; Shepard, Ernest H [Illus. ]
Johnson, Samuel] Boswell, James; E. Finden (engravings); C. Stanfield, J. Smith, Sir J. Reynolds, George Langton, and H. Corbould (drawings and...
James Boswell with numerous additions and notes by J. Wilson Croker, revised and enlarged by John Wright
James Boswell, Alexander Napier (Contributor)
Boswell James; Herzberg Max J. (Max John) ed
Boswell, James, ,E.W. Bartlett & Co., binder,Croker, John Wilson, ,Wright, J. (John), ?-
Boswell, James, ,Herzberg, Max J. (Max John), ed
Boswell, James, and Hill, George Birkbeck Norman (Editor)
Boswell, James; Edmund Fuller Fuller, Edmund (Editor)
Boswell, James (With Numerous Additions By John Wilson Croker And Revised And Enlarged By John Wright)
James and abridged by J. C. Dent Boswell
James Boswell, Samuel Johnson, Edmond Malone
James Boswell. Abridged and with Exercises by J. C. Dent.
[Johnson, Samuel] Boswell, James; E Finden (engravings); C Stanfield, J Smith, Sir J Reynolds, George Langton, and H Corbould (drawings and sketches)
James Boswell, Edited By Percy Fitzgerald