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Edward Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald, Edward; Barton, F R [ed.]
FitzGerald, Edward; Hayter, Alethea
W A fitzgerald edward / Wright
Cohen, J. M.; Fitzgerald, Edward
Wright William Aldis Fitzgerald Edward
Edward / F. R. Barton Fitzgerald
Hannay, Neilson Campbell (Editor).
J.M. Cohen
F.R. Barton
Fitzgerald, Edward / F.R.barton (ed.)
Fitzgerald, Edward; J.M. Cohen (Editor)
W A Wright
Barton, F.R. (Edited By)
Edward : Bernard Barton. FITZGERALD
Hannay, Neilson Campbell, Ed
Editor Wright William Aldis
Wright, William Aldis (Ed)

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Fitzgerald, E
(FITZGERALD, Edward). TERHUNE, Alfred McKinley and Annabelle Burdick
Fitzgerald, Edward Edited By Cohen, J. M.
Fitzgerald, Edward and Bernard Barton. Foreword by Viscount Grey of Fallodon
Edward Fitzgerald, William Aldis Wright, Fanny Kemble
Fitzgerald, Edward. Edited By William Aldis Wright
Fitzgerald, Edward Wright, William Aldis - Editor
FITZGERALD, EDWARD. Hannay, Nelson Campbell (Editor)
Fitzgerald, Edward; Cohen, J. M. (Editor)
Wright, William Aldis (Editor)/Fitzgerald, Edward
Edward [edited by William Aldis Wright] Fitzgerald
Edward Fitzgerald; Annabelle Burdick Terhune [Editor]; Alfred McKinley Terhune [Editor];
Fitzgerald, Edward ;Alfred McKinley Terhune, Annabelle Burdick Terhune (editors)
Fitzgerald, Edward [1809-1883]. Wright, William Aldis-Editor
Fitzgerald, Edward and William Aldis Wright (ed.)
Edward. FitzGerald
FitzGerald Edward (Edited By Neilson Campbell Hannay)
FitzGerald, Edward] Benson, A. C.; Morley, John (editor)
KEMBLE, Frances Anne) FITZGERALD, Edward.
Terhune, Alfred McKindley; Terhune, Annabelle B.