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Charles Baudelaire
Charles Pierre Baudelaire

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Baudelaire, Charles
Baudelaire, Charles; Fowlie, Wallace [Editor/Translator]
Baudelaire, Pierre Charles; Conder, Alan (Translator)
( Henri Cartier-Bresson ). Baudelaire, Charles
BAUDELAIRE, Charles. Translated by Richard Howard
Baudelaire, Charles & Dillon, George & Millay, Edna St, Vincent
BAUDELAIRE, Charles (MATHEWS,Marthiel & Jackson trans)
Baudelaire, Charles P., Mathews, Marthiel And Mathews, Jackson
Baudelaire, Charles, 1821-1867, Scott, Cyril, 1879-1970
BAUDELAIRE, Charles, Auguste Rodin and Jacob Epstein
Baudelaire, Charles. (Poems) MacIntyre, C.F. (Trans.)
Baudelaire, Charles; Campbell, Roy (translator)
Baudelaire, Charles; Egan, Beresford; Alcock, C. Bower
Baudelaire, Charles. Pierre-Yves Tremois (illustrator)
Baudelaire, Charles; Beresford Egan & C. Bower Alcock
Baudelaire, Charles; Jacques Leclerc (Trans. )
Baudelaire, Charles; Richard Haward(translator)
Baudelaire, Charles; Translated by Richard Howard; illustrated by Michael Mazur