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Robert E. Howard
Howard, Robert E. (Related)
Howard, Robert E. & Carter, Lin
Thomas, Roy; Lord, Glenn; Englehart, Steve; Carter, Lin; Howard, Robert E
Sean A. Moore, Charles Edward Pogue, Robert E. Howard (Draft Writer)
Howard Robert E
Thomas, Roy (re: Robert E. Howard)
Lin Howard Robert E.; Carter
Weinberg, Robert (re; Robert E. Howard)
Howard, Robert E. (creator): Lapham, David
Gerry Conway
Howard, Robert E. (introductions by: David Drake; Ramsey Campbell; David Weber; S. M. Stirling; and T. K. F. Weisskopf)
Robert E & Lin Carter HOWARD
Robert E. With Lin Carter Howard
Howard, Robert E; Thorpe, Patrick
Robert Ervin Howard
Robert E. & Carter Lin Howard
Lin Carter Robert E. Howard

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Robert E. Howard
Howard, Robert E. (creator): Nelson, Arvid
Howard, Robert E. (creator): Thomas, Roy; Conway, Gerry; Jakes, John; Wein, Len
Howard, Robert E. (creator): Glut, Don; Thomas, Roy; Windsor-Smith, Barry; Englehart, Steve
Howard, Robert E. (creator); Zelenetz, Alan
Howard, Robert E. (creator); Zelenetz, Alan; Moench, Doug; Jones, Bruce; Campbell, April
Howard Robert E. and Carter Lin, Lord Glenn (edited by)
Robert E Howard and Lin Carter (Edited by Glenn Lord)
Howard, Robert E. (introduction by Steve Tompkins; foreword by Justin Sweet)
Howard, Robert E. And Lin Ward. Glenn Lord, Editor
Howard, Robert E. (related) / Smith, David C. / Tierney, Richard L. / Conan (related)
Howard, Robert E. and Carter, Lin (Edited by Glenn Lord)
Howard, Robert E., a New Story By David Drake
Howard, Robert E. With an Intro By T.K.F. Weisskopf; S.M. Stirling; David Weber and a New Story By David Drake
Thomas, Roy; Buscema, John; re Robert E. Howard
Howard Robert E. Thomas Roy; Whelan Michael; Severin John; Adams Neal; Wood Wally; Kane Gil; Krenkel Roy
Howard, Robert E.; intros by David Drake, Ramsey Campbell, David Weber, S. M. Stirling, T. K. F. Weisskopf; with new story by David Drake
Falconer, Lee N. (Robert E. Howard related)
Thomas, Roy (ed) ... Robert E. Howard Assoc, ... Lee Falconer