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William Shakespeare
Stephen Longstaffe
Shakespeare, William;Shaaber, M.A.
Richard Farmer
Shakespeare, William; Berger, Thomas
University Press Of America
A. L. Rowse William Shakespeare
Richard Eyre
Samuel Singer
Shakespeare [Lobban, J. H., Editor
Shakespeare, [William]
Shakespeare, William (Cliffs)
William; Kittredg... Shakespeare
Shakespeare. William/ Nichols. John
SHAKSPEARE William (Shakespeare)
W. Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare, edited with introduction & notes by Alan S. Downer
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Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616,Kellogg, Brainerd.
Shakespeare, William; Haffenden, Elizabeth; Bridge, Joan [illus.]
Shakespeare, William; Humphreys, A. R. (Arthur Raleigh), ed
Shakespeare, William; Ridley, M. R. (Ed.); Gill,.Eric (Illus)
White, Richard Grant [William Shakespeare]
Shakespeare, William; Humphreys, A.R. (Editor)
Shakespeare, William; Kittredge, George Lyman (Editor)
White, Richard Grant / Shakespeare, William
C. Jeens of John Tallis & Co. (engraving); P. Haas of New York (daguerreotype); Shakespeare, William (author)
Henry J. Johnson (engraving); Shakespeare, William (author)
Shakespeare, William / Peter Alexander (ed.text.)
William Shakespeare (R. J. Dorius-Editor)
Gary Carey, William Shakespeare James K. Lowers
William Shakespeare, Richard Farmer, Isaac Reed, Samuel Johnson, Nicholas Rowe
Shakespeare, William. Edited By Richard Grant White