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William Shakespeare
A. R. Humphreys
Stephen Longstaffe
Lamb, Sidney [Editor]
Richard Farmer
Rex Gibson
Samuel Johnson
Neil Freeman William Shakespeare
William Coles Notes Staff; Shakespeare
Shakespeare, William, Brooke, Tucker,
By (author) William Shakespeare
Cliffs Comp
Lamb, Sidney (Edt)
Samuel Singer
William Shakespear
1564-1616 Shakespeare
W. Shakespeare
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
Shakespeare, William, Morley, Henry,
Shakespeare, William; Günther, Frank
William; Kittredg... Shakespeare
SHAKSPEARE William (Shakespeare)
W. Shakespeare
A. L. Rowse William Shakespeare
Brainerd Kellogg William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare, William; Ridley, M.R. (Editor)
Shakespeare, William, Hemingway, Samuel Burdett, Ed
William Shakespeare, edited with introduction & notes by Alan S. Downer
Edward Lorraine Walter, William Shakespeare, Alexander Dyce
White, Richard Grant [William Shakespeare]
Shakespeare, William, edited by Rex Gibson
Shakespeare, William, Hanscom, Elizabeth Deering,
Shakespeare, William, Symons, Arthur, Ed, Praetorius, Chares
Shakespeare, William; Gollancz, Israel (editor)
Shakespeare, William; William Aldis Wright (Cambridge text); Israel Gollancz (introl., notes)
Shakespeare, William Edited by: Sidney Lamb
William Shakespeare | edited by Thomas Sturge Moore | illustrated by Charles Ricketts
William Shakespeare, Alexander Dyce, Edward Lorraine Walter
Shakespeare, William und J. Payne [Hrsg.] Collier
Shakespeare, William; Intro and Notes by John Dennis; Illustrations by Byam Shaw
Humphreys, A. R. [Hrsg.] and William Shakespear
Beck, Reginald (Ausgewaehlt); Shakespeare, William; Bower, Dallas; Dent, Alan; Olivier, Laurence; Walton, William (Komponist); Olivier, Laurence...
Lowers, James K. (William Shakespeare) (Cliff's Notes)
Rowse, A. L. (Ed. ), And Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare, William & Gollancz, Israel [editor]
Shakespeare, William (Shakespere, Shakspere); Edited By Maynard Mack & Sylvan Barnet
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616,Kellogg, Brainerd.
Shakespeare, William, and Glover, Julian (Performed by), and Glover, Jamie (Performed by)
Shakespeare, William, Kellogg, Brainerd, Ed
Shakespeare, William, Kellogg, Brainerd. [From Old Catalog]
Shakespeare, William, Morris, Edgar Coit, B., Ed
Shakespeare, William, Winstanley, Lilian, B.
SHAKESPEARE, William: MELCHIORI, Giorgio (edited)
Shakespeare, William; Bate, Jonathan (Herausgeber); Rasmussen, Eric (Herausgeber)
Shakespeare, William; Colmer, John; Colmer, Dorothy
Shakespeare, William; Craik, T. W. (Herausgeber)
Shakespeare, William; Humphreys, A. R. (Arthur Raleigh), ed
Shakespeare, William; Kastan, David Scott (Herausgeber)
Shakespeare, William; McMullan, Gordon (Herausgeber)
White, Richard Grant / Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare, William / Charles Ricketts / Sturge Moore / Vale Press
Shakespeare, William / Peter Alexander (ed.text.)
The Temple Shakespeare - Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare, William und William Aldis (Ed.) Wright
Shakespeare, William. Edited By Richard Grant White