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Michael Crichton
Gail Herman
Walter Simonson
Jane Mason
Kristen Kiser
Maeve Binchy
Crichton, Michael (1942- 2008)
Crichton, Michael Chip Kidd (jacket)
Universal Studios. [Michael Crichton].

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Michael Crichton
Michael Teitelbaum, David Koepp, Michael Crichton
Maeve Binchy, Susan Isaacs, Michael Crichton, LaVyrle Spencer
Crichton, Michael, Jeffery Hudson und Klaus Berr:
Herman, Gail; Koepp, David; Crichton, Michael
Kathleen Kennedy [Producer]; Gerald R. Molen [Producer]; Gary Rydstrom [Technical Editor]; Richard Hymns [Technical Editor]; Gary Summers...
Bergen, Lara [based on the motion picture screenplay by David Koepp and the novel THE LOST WORLD by Michael Crichton]
Lucie & Leitch, Andrew Crichton, Michael (Screenplay) Duchesne
Mason Jane, Crichton Michael, Koepp David
MEI ) MAI KE ER KE LAI DUN (Michael Crichton) ZHU
Crichton, Michael Chip Kidd (jacket art)
Michael Crichton, Cover Design & Illustration By Chip Kidd, FORMER OWNER STAMP Back Blank Flyleaf
Crichton, Michael und Klaus [Ãœbers.] Berr: