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Jules Verne
Abridged Jules Verne
Verne, Jules; Aronson, retold by Billy
Jules Afterword by James Hynes Verne
Verne, Jules; MacDonald, Fiona (RTL)
Verne, Jules; Riou [illus.]
Lydia Misset Jules Verne
Verne, Jules; Fortey, Isabel C.

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William (trans.) Verne Jules; Crichton Michael (ed.); Butcher
Jules (introduction by Arthur C. Clarke) Verne
Jules Verne And Leonard Nimoy And John de Lancie And An All Star Cast
Verne, Jules; Pablo Marcos Studio (illustrator)
Verne, Jules; Pulsar Studio (illustrators)
Jules ; Crichton, Michael (introduced by) ; Butcher. Grahame (translated Verne
Verne, Jules; Butcher, William (Transl. ); Crichton, Michael (Intro. ); Baker, Grahame (Illus. )