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Jules Verne
Verne, Jules; Schwach, Howard J
Vincent Buranelli
Verne, Jules, And Lowndes, Robert W
Gary Gentile
Claire Booss
Fiona MacDonald Jules Verne
Pauline Francis Jules Verne

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Verne, Jules
Jules Verne. Selected and Introduced By Alan K. Russell
By Jules Verne, Illustrated Artwork Edward A. wILSoN , FORMER OWNER BOOKPLATE Affixed, Color Frontispiece , IntroDuction By Isaac Asimov , Silk...
Verne, Jules And Edward A. Wilson And Isaac Asimov
Verne, Jules Performed By Shadoe Stevens
Verne, Jules (introduction By Isaac Asimov)
Verne, Jules [introduction by Vilhjalmur Stefansoon] [color illustration by Ralph Ray Jr]
Verne, Jules adapted by Howard J. Schwach
Verne, Jules; Pablo Marcos Studio (illustrator)
Verne, Jules; Pulsar Studio (illustrators)
Verne, Jules; Abridged and Edited, Kramer, Nora
Verne, Jules; Asimov, Isaac & Wilson, Edward A.
Verne, Jules; Asimov, Issac, introduction