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Deirdre Le Faye
Susannah Fullerton
Deirdre Le Austen. Faye
Maggie and Deirdre Le Faye Black
John And Le Faye Deirdre Sutherland
Collected and edited by Deirdre Le Faye
Deirdre Collected; Edited By Le Faye
Deirdre Le Faye. [Hardcover] b.

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Le Faye, Deirdre
Austen, Jane (Byatt, A. S., Intro; Le Faye, Deirdre, Notes)
Austen, Jane; Le Faye, Deirdre (ed)
Austen-Leigh, William; etc.; Austen-Leigh, R.A.
Editor Austen (Jane). Le Faye (Deirdre)
Jane; Le Faye, Deirdre (ed) Austen
[AUSTEN, Jane] LE FAYE, , Deirdre
AUSTEN(Jane)and LE FAYE(Deirdre ):
AUSTEN-LEIGH William and Richard Arthur & LE FAYE Deirdre