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Sheila Burnford
Burnford Sheila
Burnford, Sheila; Levine, Gloria
By (author) Sheila Burnford

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Sheila Burnford
Burnford, Sheila. Burger, Carl (1888-1967)
Emma Drummond, Sheila Burnford, Nancy Rossi (Authors) Joseph W. Hotchkiss (Editor); David Wise
Joseph W. Hotchkiss (Editor); David Wise, Emma Drummond, Sheila Burnford, Nancy Rossi (Authors)
Douglas Reeman , Henry Denker , Sheila Burnford , Clare Francis
Douglas Reeman, Henry Denker, Sheila Burnford, Clare Francis
Sheila Burnford, Photo of Author Back DJ By Fryers Studio. Blank Endpapers Former Owner Name Date, Illustrated By Carl Burger, Inner Flap DJ...
Producer-Donald W. Ernst; Producer-Franklin R. Levy; Producer-Jeffrey Chernov; Producer-Kirk Wise; Writer-Caroline Thompson; Writer-Linda...
Reeman, Douglas; Denker, Henry; Burnford, Sheila; Francis, Clare
Wise, David; Drummond, Emma; Burnford, Sheila; Rossi, Nancy