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Thomas a Kempis
John J. Kirvan
Halcon J. Fisk
William Benham
John Payne
Henry Parry Liddon
George Stanhope
Thomas A. Kempis Trans. Daplin
Thomas A.F. de Lamennais KEMPIS
Thomas; John Payne A Kempis
Thomas A. Kempis Abbe F. de Lamennais
Thomas Frognall Dibdin
John Payne, Thomas (àKempis)
KEMPIS, Thomas à; HOUSMAN, Laurence
Thomas ( Kempis)
Thomas `a Kempis
Thomas a Kempis / Pierre Corneille
Thomas a Kempis, Saint]
Clare L. Fitzpatrick Kempis Thomas A.
Thomas Dibdin
Thomas à Kempis - Abbé de Lamennais
Thomas, àKempis, 1380-1471

See also:

a Kempis, Thomas, Revised and Translated by Bigg, C.
Boethius; Thomas A. Kempis; Sir Thomas Browne
Henry Drummond, Russell Conwell, James Allen, Brother Lawrence, Thomas A. Kempis
Saint Augustine of Hippo, and A'Kempis, Thomas
Augustine, Aurelius; à Kempis, Thomas; Bunyan, John
Augustine; Pusey, Edward B. (translator); Eliot, Charles W. (editor); Kempis, Thomas A
Augustine], [St.; Pusey, Edward B.; Kempis, Thomas
Boethius - Kempis, Thomas a - Browne, Thomas
Boethius; Kempis, Thomas a'; and Browne, Sir Thomas, Edited and with introduction by Edman, Irwin
Ed.) Thomas a Kempis (Claire L. Fitzpatrick
Thomas von Kempen [auch a Kempis, i.e. Thomas Hemerken]
Thomas a Kempis , Edited by J. H. Srawley
Kempis, Thomas A; Fitzpatrick, Clare L., Editor
Kempis, Thomas/ Runnette, Sean (Narrator)
Thomas A Kempis; Editor-Jcd, Pa Msgr. Austin P. Bennett; Illustrator-K.S.G. Ariel Agemian
Stanhope, George, 1660-1728,Thomas, aÌ₠Kempis, 1380-1471,Harvard College Library, former owner
A KEMPIS, Thomas (Translation By C. BIGG)
Thomas a Kempis: (translator - R. P. de Gonnelieu SJ.)
Thomas àKempis, 1380-1471,Gonnelieu, Jàràme de, 1640-1715
Thomas, àKempis, 1380-1471,Gerson, Jean, 1363-1429,Lamennais, FàlicitàRobert de, 1782-1854
Thomas, àKempis, 1380-1471,Gonnelieu, Jàràme de, 1640-1715. Imitatio Christi. Français
Thomas, àKempis, 1380-1471,Stanhope, George, 1660-1728
Thomas, àKempis, 1380-1471,Whitford, Richard, fl. 1495-1555?,Angelo, Valenti, 1897-,Raynal, Wilfrid