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Christopher Logue
Andrew Lang
William Cowper
Homer William Russell Smith
Homer und F. A. [ed.] Paley
Homer/ Sheila Murnaghan
Cornelius Conway Felton Homer
Homer; A.T. Murray trans.
Homer and Virgil
Arthur Sanders Way Homer
William Munford Homer
Harold Homer; Bloom
Barbara Leonie Picard
Pope, Alexander, trans Homer
I.A. Richards
Homer Stanley Lombardo
Felton, C.C. [editor] : (Homer)
George Chapman) HOMER.
William Golding
Homer ( Translated By Pope
Homer (translated by William Cowper)
Homer W. C. Green
Homer, & Samuel Butler (translator)
Homer, (tr. Barry B. Powell)
Homer, [translated by Alexander Pope]
Homer, A. T. Murray, William F. Wyatt
Homer, edited by Rev, William Trollope]
Francis William Newman Homer
Leonard Baskin Homer
Homer, Pope, Alexander (Trans.
Read by George Guidall Homer
Homer,Brenner, Allen Rogers
HOMER. (POPE Alexander -translator
Homer. (Tr. Richard Whitaker)
Homer. Translated by George Chapman
William Cullen (trans Homer; Bryant
Homer; Kenneth Cavander
Homer; Pope, Alexander (translated)
Alexander Homer; transl: Pope
Homer; Walter Leaf & M. A. Bayfield
Homer; Walter Leaf; M. A. Bayfield
Homer; William Charles Green
Homer; William Henry Melmoth (ed
John Blackie
Richmond Lattimore
Christopher; Homer Logue
Theodore Buckley

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Homer, And Pope, Alexander, And Flaxman, John
Homer,Chapman, George, 1559?-1634,Hooper, Richard, 1821-1894
Homer; Keep, Robert Introduction and Notes by
Pope, Alexander -Translator & Rev. Theodore Buckley - Notes and Intro (Homer)
Andrew; Leaf, Walter; Myers, Ernest Homer; Lang
Homer, Edward George Geoffrey Smith Stan Derby
Homer (Rendered Into English Prose By Samuel Butler)
HOMER (Translated By LANG, Andrew; LEAF, Walter; MYERS, Ernest; BUTCHER, S.H.
Homer [translated By William Benjamin Smith and Walter Miller))
Homer, [edited by Rev, William Trollope]
HOMER, EDITED Translated & Done into English Prose by Andrew Lang , Walter Leaf, Ernest Myers, Prefatory Note, Green & White Running Man with...
Homer, George Chapman, William Cooke Taylor
Homer, Mildred E. Marcett, S.H. Butcher, Andrew Lang, Walter Leaf, Ernest Myers, Vicomte de Roton
Homer, translated by Andrew Lang, Walter Leaf, & Ernest Myers
Homer,Green, W. C. (William Charles), 1832-1914
Homer,Way, Arthur Sanders, 1847-1930, tr
HOMER. Done into English Prose by Andrew Lang, Walter Leaf, and Ernest Myers
Lang, Andrew, Leaf, Walter, Myers, And Ernest, Butcher, S.H., Translators
Lang, Andrew; Leaf, Walter & Myers, Ernest
Lang, Andrew; Leaf, Walter; Meyers, Ernest...
Professor George Chapman, Homer, Henri Motte
Homer [and] Aeschylus (John Flaxman, Sc.)
Sider, David, David Konstan and Stanley Brodwin