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Allen Ginsberg
Allen and Richard Eberhart Ginsberg
Ehrlich, J.W., Ginsberg, Allen
Ginsberg, Allen, edited by J W Ehrlich
Ginsberg, Allen/Miles, Ba
Gerald / Allen Ginsberg Brennan
Ginsberg, Allen; Eberhart, Richard
Shinder, Jason, Allen Ginsberg
Ginsberg, Allen : Shinder, Jason , ed.

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Allen Ginsberg
J.W. (Editor) Ginsberg, Allen. (Text) Ehrlich
Ginsberg, Allen & William Carlos Williams (intro)
Ginsberg, Allen and Barry Miles (editor)
Allen Ginsberg. Introduction By William Carlos Williams
Ginsberg, Allen; Grabhorn Press; Andrew Hoyem; Robert Grabhorn
AMBLER, Sam (Author); GINSBERG, Allen (Subject)
(Ferlinghetti, Lawrence, Allen Ginsberg) City Lights
Ginsberg, Allen; Williams, William Carlos (Int.)
Ginsberg, Allen; Williams, William Carlos [Introduction]
Grabhorn-Hoyem Press; Andrew Hoyem; Robert Grabhorn; Allen Ginsberg
Allen; Williams, William Carlos (Int.) Ginsberg
Allen, and Miles, Barry, Editor Ginsberg
Ginsberg, Allen; Lawrence Ferlinghetti; Gregory Corso; and Jan Zábrana.
Ginsberg, Allen, Intro by William Carlos Williams