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Alexander Shewan
Alan Whiticker
James R. Boise
Felice Vinci
Keith Stanley
Tr George Chapman
Christopher Logue
Richmond Lattimore
Rouse, W.H.D. (Translator)
Earl Of Derby Edward
Andrew Lang
Allen Rogers Benner
Kenneth John Atchity
Editor: J.R. Sitlington Sterrett
Encylopaedia Britannica
Graves, Robert (Translator)
Charles Homer; Anthon
Richard Homer; Lattimore
I.A. Homer; Richards
Modern Library
Murray, A. (Trans.)
Robert Price
Translated By Alexander Pope
C. B. Cayley
Graves, (Robert)
HE MA Homer Robert Fagles YI
George Translator Homer; Chapman
Homer; Edited by Allardyce Nicoll
A.T. Murray
Nicoll, Allardyce (ed)

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John (Illustrator) and Pope, Alexander (translator) Homer and Flaxman
Homer; Flaxman, John (Illustrator); Pope, Alexander (translator)
Hutchins, Robert Maynard; Mortimer J. Adler; Wallace Brockway