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Christopher Logue
Homer Christopher Logue
See Editorial Dept Homer
David Sider
Clapp Homer
Homer (Translated Alexander Pope)
Homer. Christopher Logue
Homer; D. B. Monro (Ed. )
Homer; Monti, Vincenzo [transl.]
Barbara Leonie Homer; Picard
Homer; Thomas W. Allen (Ed)
Bruce Homer] Hieden
Denton J. Homer] Snider
Christopher-Homer" Logue
Alexander & Homer Pope
Thomas D. Seymour
Homer. Nicoll, Allardyce, Ed.
Chapman . [Homer]
Chapman, George (Trans)
Homer & Edited By C. C. Felton
Homer (Monro, D. B. (Ed. ))
Homer - Prendergast Guy Lushington
trans. Homer / Alexander Pope
Homer [Caperton, Troy, Translator]
HOMER [Pope]
trans. Homer and Alexander Pope
Homer And Rieu
Homer und F. A. [ed.] Paley
Homer) Bridges, Thomas,
and Homerus Homer
At Murray Homer
Homer,Merivale, Charles, 1808-1893
Homer,Simcox, Edwin W
Homer: Murray, A T (Trans)
Homer; (Trans. ) Richard Lattimore
Homer; Alexander Pope (Translator)
Homer; Bryant, William Cullen (Trans. )
Homer; George Chapman
Homer; M. T. Tatham (Ed. )
Homer; Melmoth, William Henry, Esq
Homer; Murray, A. T. (Trans. )
Homer; Pope, Alexander (Translator)
Homer; S.H. Reynolds
Alexander Homer; Transl: Pope
Tappan, William (Ed. )
Thomas D. Seymour
Translated By: George Chapman
W. H. D. (Translator) Homer Rouse
William (Editor) Tappan

See also:

Sider, David, Konstan, David, Brodwin, S
David Sider, David Konstan (Authors); Stanley Brodwin (Edited By)
MacFarlane, Patrick, 1753-1832,Homer. Iliad. Book 3. Scottish Gaelic,Maclachlan, Ewen, 1773-1822
Homer], Roy Thomas [Adapted From The Epic Poem By
HOMER. [SMITH-STANLEY (E)], 14th Earl of Derby.
Pope, Alexander (English Verse Translation)
Alexander Pope, Homer (Creator), William Cullen Bryant (Creator)
Homer; Chapman(translator0; Nicoll, Allardyce (editor)
Bridges, Thomas [Smith, George, A., reviser] [Homer]
Hobbes, Thomas; Homer; (Editor, Introduction) Eric Nelson
Homer / Whiticker, Alan J. / Caselli, Giovanni (Illustrator)
Homer, Lang, Andrew / Leaf, Walter / Myers, Ernest
Homer,Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744, tr,Twombly, Alexander S. (Alexander Stevenson), 1832-1907, ed
Homer,Pratt, John Henry,Leaf, Walter, 1852-1927
Homer,Way, Arthur Sanders, 1847-1930, tr
Homer; Introduction-Mildred E. Marcett; Translator-Andrew Land; Translator-Walter Leaf; Translator-Ernest Myers
Homer; Keep, Robert P. (Introduction & Notes); Thurber, Samuel (Vocabulary)
Hull, Denison Bingham (translator, editor, introduction)
KOCOUREK, Vitezslav (HOMER) BEHOUNEK, Jiri (Illustrations).
Reverend J. S. Watson [Translated by Alexander Pope] Illustrations by Flaxman [Homer]
Homer; Rendered Into English Prose By Butler, Samuel
Sider, David, David Konstan and Stanley Brodwin
Sider, David; Konstan, David; (Stanley Brodwin, Editor)
Homer; Buckley, Theodore Alois (Translated With Explanatory Notes By)
HOMER - Iliad. Graduate of the University, trans.