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Butcher, S. H. & Lang, A.
Thomas Blackwell
S. H. Butcher
Homer; Alexander Pope
Edward Earl Of Derby
Homer Odyssey
Francis William Newman Homer
Homer Iliad
Homer,Barnard, Mordaunt
trans Homer / Alexander Pope
Translated By Alexander Pope Homer
Homer; Pope, Alexander (translator)
Andrew; Others Lang
Homer Ann Chalmers Watts
S. H. & Andrew Lang Butcher
George Herbert (Translated By) Palmer
Andrew Lang Homer
Homer. Edward Earl of Derby [TR]
Homer; Rev. William Trollope
Thomas Foster ; Homer Barham
William C Bryant
Bryant, William Cullan, Translator
Bryant, William Cullen (Translated By )
S. H. & A. Lang Butcher
Butler, Samuel (& Homer)
William Cowper
edited by Rev. William Trollope] Homer
Felton, C. C. (Ed. )
Homer & edited by C. C. Felton
Homer (Author); Ennis Rees (Translator)
Homer (Earl of Derby)
HOMER (Translated By Edwin W. SIMCOX
HOMER ; Felton, C. C. (edited)
Homer and Du Cane, Sir Charles (trans)
Homer und F. A. [ed.] Paley
Earl Of Derby Homer) Edward
Homer, edited by Rev, William Trollope]
Homer,Trollope, William, 1798-1863
Homer.; Alexander Pope
Homer; Edited By D.B. Monro
William Homer; Morris
Homer; Tr. By Alexander Pope
Samuel. Homer. Johnson
George Herbert Palmer
Translated by Alexander Pope

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Homer, and Pope, Alexander, and Flaxman, John
Dixon, B. Homer (Bernard Homer), 1819-1899
HOMER. [SMITH-STANLEY (E)], 14th Earl of Derby
Charles Anthon [Frederic Jacobs] {Homer; Anacreon}
Homer : Abridged and Edited By Wallace B. Moffett
Homer,Merry, W. Walter (William Walter), 1835-1918,Riddell, James, 1823-1866
Homer. Editor in Chief Robert Maynard Hutchins
Homer; Edward Earl of Derby (translator)
Pope, Homer; Translated By Alexander; Flaxman, John
Homer (Butcher , S. H. & A. Lang, editors)
Homer, [edited by Rev, William Trollope]
Homer, and English verse translation by Pope, Alexander
Homer; Translated By Alexander Pope; Illustrator-John Flaxman
HOMER; Translated by Edward Earl of Derby