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Homer Odyssey
S. H. Butcher
Derby, Edward Earl Of. (Trans).
S H Butcher And A Lang
Butcher, S.H. And Lang, A.
translated by Alexander Pope Homer
William Cullen (trans Homer; Bryant
Thomas Blackwell
Homer,Palmer, George Herbert,
Homer; Pope, Alexander (translator)
Andrew; Others Lang
Homer,Barnard, Mordaunt
Dixon B. Homer (Bernard Homer)
Dixon B Homer (Bernard Homer)
Homer (Pope Alexander
trans Homer / Alexander Pope
Homer und F. A. [ed.] Paley
Earl Of Derby Homer) Edward
Homer,Trollope, William,
William Homer; Morris
George Herbert Palmer
William Bryant
Thomas Foster ; Homer Barham
Bryant, William Cullan, Translator
S. H. & A. Lang Butcher
Butler, Samuel (& Homer)
William Cowper
B. Homer Dixon
Felton, C. C. (Ed. )
George Herbert (Translated By) Palmer
HE MA Homer Robert Fagles YI
Homer & edited by C. C. Felton
Homer (Author); Ennis Rees (Translator)
Homer (Earl of Derby)
HOMER (Translated By Edwin W. SIMCOX
Homer and William Morris
AT Murray Homer
Homer, edited by Rev, William Trollope]
Homer,Way, Arthur Sanders, , tr
Homer. Edward Earl of Derby [TR]
Homer.; Alexander Pope
Homer; edited by D B Monro
Homer; Edited By D.B. Monro
Homer; edited by F.A. Paley
Homer; edited by W. W. Merry
Homer; Rev. William Trollope
Homer; Tr. By Alexander Pope
Samuel. Homer. Johnson
Percy Bysshe; Homer Shelley
Translated by Alexander Pope
and Homer U S Government
W.H.D. Rouse
Homer Wellen Smith

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Homer, and Pope, Alexander, and Flaxman, John
Pope, Homer; Translated By Alexander; Flaxman, John
HOMER. [SMITH-STANLEY (E)], 14th Earl of Derby
Andrew; Leaf, Walter; Myers, Ernest Lang
Dart J. Henry (Joseph Henry) The Iliad (sometimes referred to as the Song of Ilion or Song of Ilium) is an ancient Greek epic poem in dactylic...
Homer. Editor in Chief Robert Maynard Hutchins
HOMER.(LANG,Andrew; LEAF,Walter; MYERS,Ernest)
Homer; Edward Earl of Derby (translator)
Pope, Alexander; John Flaxman (Illustrator)
Dixon, B. Homer (Benjamin Homer), 1819-1899
Homer, [edited by Rev, William Trollope]
Homer, and English verse translation by Pope, Alexander
Homer,Derby, Edward George Geoffrey Smith Stanley, Earl of, ,Mackenzie, R. Shelton (Robert Shelton),
Homer,Derby, Edward Henry Stanley, Earl of, . tr
Homer,Lang, Andrew, ,Leaf, Walter, ,Myers, Ernest,
Homer; Translated By Alexander Pope; Illustrator-John Flaxman
HOMER; Translated by Edward Earl of Derby