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Francois Truffaut
André Bazin
Truffaut, Francois: Scott, Helen G.

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FRANCOIS with the Collaboration of Helen G. SCott TRUFFAUT
Alfred] Truffaut, Francois [Hitchcock
Hitchcock, Alfred] Truffaut, Francois
Truffaut, Francois, with the collaboration of Helen G. Scott
Truffaut, Francois-Collaboration: Scott, Helen G.
Truffaut, Francois & Alfred Hitchcock & Helen G. Scott
Truffaut, Francois with Alfred Hitchcock
Translated by Ramon G. Redondo, Translated by Ricardo Artola Men?ndez, Translated by Jos Oliver, Translated by Miguel Rubio By (author) Francois...
Truffant, Francois/ Scott, Helen G. -Alfred Hitchcock