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Paul Veyne
Ed Veyne Paul
Duby, Georges & Veyne, Paul -Editors
Paul (editor) Veyne
Paul -Editors Duby Georges & Veyne
Philippe Aries; Georges Duby
Aries & Duby
Philippe Aries
Aries, Philippe & Duby, Georges Eds
Aries, Philippe & Georges Duby (Eds. )
Paul [Editor] Veyne

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Veyne, Paul
Veyne, Paul, Ed.; Goldhammer, Arthur, Trans
Paul (Editor), Goldhammer, Arthur (Translater) Veyne
Veyne, Paul, Georges Duby, Roger Chartier, Philippe Aries, Antoine Prost And Gerard Vincent, Edited By
Veyne, Paul & Philippe Aries & Georges Duby
Paul (Edited by), and Goldhammer, Arthur (Translated by) Veyne
Veyne, Paul and Philippe Aries and Gerges Duby. Editors.
Veyne, Paul Edited By (Translation By Arthur Goldhammer)
Veyne, Paul/[Eds.]/Translated by Arthur Goldhammer
Veyne, Paul (Editor), Trans. By Arthur Goldhamner