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Paul Veyne
Aries, Philippe and Georges Duby (general editors)
Georges Aries Philippe; Duby
Aries & Duby
Aries, Philippe & Georges Duby (Eds. )
Aries, Philippe; Duby, George
Aries,Philippe and Duby (Editors)
Paul (Editor) Veyne
Philippe Aries; Georges Duby

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Aries, Philippe (ed); Duby, Georges (ed)
Aries, Philippe & Georges Duby (gen.eds.)
Aries, Philippe & Duby, George, general Editors
Philippe & Duby, Georges; ed.; tr. by A. Goldhammer. Aries
Philippe; Duby, Georges; Veyne, Paul Editors; Goldhammer, Arthur, Transla Aries
Aries, Philippe & Georges Duby, general editors
Aries, Philippe and Georges Duby, Paul Veyne, edit
Aries, Philippe, and Duby, Georges (General Editors), and Goldhammer, Arthur (Translator)
Aries, Philippe, Duby, George. Gen. Ed. Paul Veyne, Ed
Philippe and Georges Duby, general Editors Aries
Veyne, Paul & Philippe Aries & Georges Duby
Aries, Philippe & Georges Duby Editors; Paul Veyne Editor; Trans. By Arthur Goldhammer
Aries, Philippe And Georges Duby (Gen. Eds. )
Veyne, Paul (Editor), Trans. By Arthur Goldhamner
Veyne, Paul, Georges Duby, Roger Chartier, Philippe Aries, Antoine Prost And Gerard Vincent, Edited By