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Veyne, Paul (Ed. ) & (Arthur Goldhammer, translator) & [Philippe Aries and Geo
Aries, Philippe & Georges Duby (gen.eds.)
Aries, Philippe and Georges Duby, General Editors. Translated by Arthur Goldhammer
Georges Aries Philippe; Duby
Aries, Philippe And Duby, Georges, Ed
Aries, Philippe & Duby, George, general Editors
Aries, Philippe; Duby, G.; Veyne, Paul
Aries, Philippe; Duby, Georges (General Editors); Veyne, Paul (Editor); Goldhammer, Arthur (Translator)
Ariès, Philippe; & Duby, Georges; Editors:
Paul Veyne, Editor; Philippe Aries & Georges Duby, General Editors; Arthur Goldhammer (translator)
Paul Veyne, Philippe; Duby, G Aries
Philippe and Georges Duby Aries
Aries, Philippe; Duby, George
Aries,Philippe and Duby (Editors)
Paul Veyne
Georges Duby Philippe Aries

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Aries, Philippe & Georges Duby, general editors
Aries, Philippe, and Duby, Georges (General Editors), and Goldhammer, Arthur (Translator)
Aries, Philippe; Duby, Georges (General Editors)
Philippe and Georges Duby, general Editors Aries
Philippe & Duby, Georges; ed.; tr. by A. Goldhammer. Aries
Paul Veyne [Editor]; Phillippe Aries [Series Editor]; Georges Duby [Series Editor]; Arthur Goldhammer [Translator];
Aries, Philippe and George Duby (general editors)
Aries, Philippe and Georges Duby (general editors