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Francois Rabelais
Rabelais, Francois; Cohen, John M
François; John M. Cohen Rabelais
Rabelais, Francois Translated By Cohen, John M.
Rabelais, Francois; Pape, Frank C. (Illus)
Rabelais, Francois, Walter Brooks
Cohen, J.M. (Translated By)

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Francois (ca. 1490-1553?). Brooks, Walter (Illus.) Rabelais
Rabelais, Francois And John M. Cohen And Frank C. Pape
Francois. Translated and introduced by J.M. Cohen Rabelais
Rabelais, Francois; Translated by John M. Cohen; Illustrations by Frank C. Pape
Rabelais, Francois / Cohen, John M. {Translated}
Rabelais, Francois [1494-1553]; with Pape, Frank C., illus.; and Cohen, John M., trans
Francois; Cohen, John M.; Pape, Frank C. Rabelais
Francois (ca. Pape, Frank C. (Illus.) Rabelais
Rabelais, Francois Translator: Cohen, John M. Illustrator: Walter Brooks
Rabelais, Francois; trans, Cohen, John M.; ill, Pape, Frank C.