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William Shakespeare
Shakespeare; William
William Rolfe
Richard Valpy
Hemingway, Samuel B. (Edited By)
W... Shakespeare
William; Kittredge Shakespeare
W Rolfe
Black, Ebenezer Charlton (Editor)
Harrison, G.B. (Ed. ); Shakespeare
Herbert Arthur Evans
Frederic W. Moorman
1564-1616 Shakespeare
Shakespeare, W, and Rolfe, William J
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
Shakespeare, William;Harrison, G. B
R.P. -Edited By Shakespeare; Cowl
Ed Shakespeare; Frederic Moorman
Short, Charles, ,Shakespeare, William,
Tucker Brooke And Samuel B. Hemingway
William; Humphreys Shakespeare

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Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare, William, ,Rolfe, W. J. (William James), , ed
Shakespeare, William; Sanderson, James L.
Shakespeare, William; Kittredge, George Lyman; Ribner, Irving (editors)
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616,Rolfe, W. J. (William James), 1827-1910, ed
Shakespeare, William / Tucker Brooke & Samuel B. Hemingway, Eds
Shakespeare, William, ,Hemingway, Samuel Burdett, , ed
William; Kittredge, George Lyman (Editor) Shakespeare
William Shakespeare, Edited By Tucker Brooke & Samuel B. Hemingway
Shakespeare, William / Samuel B. Hemingway, Ed
Shakespeare, William, ,Evans, Herbert Arthur, ,Griggs, William,
Shakespeare, William, ,Hanscom, Elizabeth Deering,
Shakespeare, William, ,Hudson, Henry Norman, ,Black, Ebenezer Charlton,
Shakespeare, William, ,Moorman, Frederic William,
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616,Moorman, Frederic William, 1872-1919, ed,Tilley, Morris Palmer, 1876-1947
Shakespeare, William; Cowl, R. P. & Morgan, A. E. (eds.)
Shakespeare, William; Edited by Hemingway, Samuel B.
Moorman, Frederic W. (Ed.); Shakespeare, William
William Shakespeare; Hemingway, Samuel B
Shakespeare, William, ,Winstanley, Lilian, b.
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616,Hemingway, Samuel Burdett, 1883-1958, ed
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616,Winstanley, Lilian, b. 1875
Shakespeare, William, And Samuel B. Hemmingway, Editor
Shakespeare, William, and Symmons, Charles
Shakespeare, William; Griggs, William; Evans, Herbert A (frwd
Shakespeare, William; edited by G. B. Harrison
Shakespeare, William; Intro and Notes by John Dennis; Illustrations by Byam Shaw
William; Kittredge, George Lyman; Ribner, Irving (editors) Shakespeare
Humphreys, A. R. [Hrsg.] and William Shakespear
George Lyman Shakespeare William; Edited by Kittredge
Moorman, Frederic W., Editor, and Tilley, Morris Palmer, Revisions
William; Hemingway, Samuel B.(editor) Shakespeare
Shakespeare, William and Hudson, Henry Norman
Shakespeare, William, ,Boston Public Library. Thomas Pennant Barton Collection of Shakespeare
Shakespeare, William, ,Deighton, Kenneth
Shakespeare, William, ,Norton, John, -approximately , printer,Perry, Hugh, active , bookseller,Barton, Thomas Pennant, , former owner
Shakespeare, William, ,Norton, John, -approximately , printer,Sheares, William, -, bookseller,Lewis, Charles, , binder,Barton, Thomas Pennant, ,...
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616,Deighton, Kenneth
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616,Evans, Herbert Arthur, 1846-,Griggs, William, 1832-1911
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616,Hanscom, Elizabeth Deering, 1865-
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616,Hudson, Henry Norman, 1814-1886,Black, Ebenezer Charlton, 1861-1927
Shakespeare, William, ~ edited by Tucker Brooke and Samuel B. Hemingway
Shakespeare, William: Ed. Kittredge, George Lyman
Shakespeare; Cowl, R.P.; Morgan, A.E. -Edited By
Short, Charles, 1761-1838,Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
Shakespeare, William (The Great Books Foundation)
Shakespeare, William [edited By G. B. Harrison]
Shakespeare, William; Edited by G. B. Harrison and F. H. Pritchard
William; Tucker Brooke & Samuel B. Hemingway [editor] Shakespeare