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Henry David Thoreau
Thoreau, Henry David. Dannay, Frederic. US Postal Service
Thoreau, Henry David; Christoper Childs (Ed.)
McCurdy, MichaelThoreau, Henry David

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Thoreau, Henry David. Compiled & edited by Christopher Childs w anIntro by walter Harding
Thoreau, Henry David, Compiled By Christoper Childs
Henry David Thoreau, edited by Francis H. Allen
Thoreau, Henry David. Edited by Francis H. Allen.
Hirotsugu Inoue (Preface) [Henry David Thoreau]
Dugdale, John - Photographs; Henry David Thoreau; Edited by Frank Crocitto
Franklin Benjamin Sanborn [F. B. Sanborn] (1831-1917) American transcendentalist author and reformer, one of John Brown's 'Committee of Six'...
THOREAU, Henry David) MILLER, Douglas T. MILLER, Douglas T. Makers of America)
Thoreau, Henry David; Childs, Christopher