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Mary Mapes Dodge
Dodge, , Mary Mapes
Louise Betts
Mary M. Dodge
Johanna Spyri Mary Mapes Dodge
Spyri, Johanna & Dodge, Mary Mapes
Mary Mapes b/w plates Dodge
Mary Mapes H.baumhauer Dodge
Mary Elizabeth Dodge
Dodge, Mary Mapes & Spyri, Johanna
Dodge, Mary Mapes Burd, Clara M.
Mary Mapes Cyrus Leroy Baldridge Dodge
Mary Mapes Ill by G. W. Edwards Dodge
Dodge, Mary Mapes Ill Kredel, Fritz
Mary Mapes Pelagie Doane Dodge
Dodge, Mary Maples; Galdone, Paul
Dodge. Mary Mapes.
Johanna Spyri and Mary Mapes Dodge
Johanna Spyri; Mary Mapes Dodge
Mary Mapes Dodge; Johanna Spyri
Mary Mapes Kredel, Fritz, Dodge

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Dodge, Mary Mapes
Mary Mapes Dodge/ Abridged by Heather Bazata
Verne, Jules; Sewell, Anna; Mulock, Dinah Maria; Dodge, Mary Mapes; Sidney, Margaret; Carroll, Lewis
Dodge, Mary Mapes Abridged By Kramer, Nora
SHOEMAKER, Edna Cooke. (Mary Mapes Dodge)
Dodge, Mary Mapes; adapted by Tom Taggart
Anna Sewell; Mary Mapes Dodge; Johanna Spyri
Dodge, Mary Mapes / Johanna Spyri Kredel, Fritz / Sergio Leone
Dodge, Mary Mapes Adapted By Vogel, Malvinga G.
Dodge, Mary Mapes and Lindskoog, Kathryn Ann (Ed. ) Illustrated by Wynne, Patric
Dodge, Mary Mapes and Vogel, Malvina G. (Adapt. ) Illustrated by Freshman, Flori
Dodge, Mary Mapes, Hunsicker, Ranelda Mack
Dodge, Mary Mapes. Hilpert, Ruth Ewing, editor. Burd, Clara M., illustrator
Dodge, Mary Mapes; Baldridge, Cyrus L. [Illustrator]
Spyri, Johanna; Mary Mapes Dodge; Illustrations by Sergio Leone and Fritz Kredel
Mary Mapes Illustrated By Hans Baumhauer Dodge
Dodge, Mary Mapes (translated By P. J. Andriessen)
Mary Mapes Dodge; Cyrus Leroy Baldridge (Illus).
Dodge, Mary Mapes George Wharton Edwards
Dodge, Mary Mapes Illust. by N. C. Wyeth & Peter Hurd
Mary Mapes; May Audubon Post (illustrator) Dodge