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Mary Mapes Dodge
Johanna Spyri
Dodge Mary Mapes
Louise Betts
Mary Mapes Cyrus Leroy Baldridge Dodge
Mary Mapes H.baumhauer Dodge
Dodge, Mary Mapes; Spyri, Johanna
Johanna Spyri Mary Mapes Dodge
Mary Mapes Dodge; F
Spyri, Johanna / Dodge, Mary Mapes
Mary Mapes b/w plates Dodge
Mary Mapes Ill by G. W. Edwards Dodge
Dodge, Mary Mapes Ill Galdone, Paul
Mary Mapes Pelagie Doane Dodge
Dodge, Mary Mapes; Yes [Illustrator]
Johanna Spyri and Mary Mapes Dodge
Mary Mapes Spyri Johanna/Dodge
Kinderliteratur - Dodge Mary Mapes
Mary Mapes (Author); Burd Dodge
Mary Mapes Dodge and Johanna Spyri
Claire Bloom Mary Mapes Dodge
Mary Mapes Dodge; Johanna Spyri
Spyri, Johanna & Dodge, Mary Mapes

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Mary Mapes Dodge
Spyra, Johanna (Translated by Helen B. Dole) ; Dodge, Mary Mapes
Dodge, Mary Mapes (Author); Burd, Clara M.
Dodge, Mary Mapes; Kredel, Fritz (Illustrator)
Dodge, Mary Mapes; Winter, Milo (Illustrator)
Mary Mapes Dodge; Cyrus Leroy Baldridge (illus).
Verne, Jules; Sewell, Anna; Mulock, Dinah Maria; Dodge, Mary Mapes; Sidney, Margaret; Carroll, Lewis
Mary Mapes Illustrated By Hans Baumhauer Dodge
Dodge, Mary Mapes (Retold by Ivan Somerville), Illustrated by Sari
Dodge, Mary Mapes; adapted by Tom Taggart
Dodge, Mary Mapes / Johanna Spyri Kredel, Fritz / Sergio Leone
Dodge, Mary Mapes, Abridged By: Kramer, Nora
Dodge, Mary Mapes. Hilpert, Ruth Ewing, editor. Burd, Clara M., illustrator
Dodge, Mary Mapes; Baumhauer, Hans (Illustrator)
Dodge, Mary Mapes; Edwards, George Wharton (illus)
Dodge, Mary Mapes (translated By P. J. Andriessen)
Mary Mapes Dodge/ Abridged by Heather Bazata
Dodge, Mary Mapes George Wharton Edwards
Dodge, Mary Mapes Illust. by N. C. Wyeth & Peter Hurd
Louis(Illustrator); Dodge, Mary Mapes Rhead
Dodge, Mary Mapes. Edna Cooke (illustrator)
Dodge, Mary Mapes; With Introduction By Ruth Ewing Hilpert; Illustrated By Clara M. Burd