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H. P. Lovecraft
Lovecraft, H.P. ( Howard Phillips )
Lovecraft, H. P. (1890-1937)
Campbell, Ramsey (Lovecraft, H.P)
Derleth, August (Lovecraft, H P)
H.P., Bloch, Robert Lovecraft
Thomas Ligotti
Lovecraft, H.P.; Jones, Stephen

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H. P. Lovecraft
Greenberg, Martin H/ Weinberg, Robert (ed's) Stefan Dziemianowicz, Tina Jens, Mort Castle, Alan rodgers, Brad Linaweaver, Jay Bonansinga, Stephen...
Ligotti. Thomas (signed) ( H P Lovecraft assoc) Introduction By Michael Shea (signed), Edited By John Pelan
Ligotti. Thomas (signed) ( H P Lovecraft related)
Eadie, Arlton; Ward, Harold; Lovecraft, H.P.; Price, E.H.; Derleth, August W.; Morgan-Dunham, Ethel;Smith, Clark Ashton;Lang, Ralph...
Lovecraft, H. P. (Howard Phillips Lovecraft)
H.P. Lovecraft; August Derleth (ed); Robert E. Howard; Henry Kuttner; et al
H.P. Lovecraft; Clifford Ball; Paul Ernst; G.G. Pendarves; Clark Ashton Smith; Henry Kuttner; Thomas P. Kelley; Dana Carroll;...
Lovecraft, H.P. ( Howard Phillips ), Introduction by Neil and Leigh Mechem
Lovecraft, H.P. : Joshi, S.T. : Clark Ashton Smith, Colin Wilson, Robert E. Howard, Frank Belknap Long, August Derleth, Brian Lumley, Ramsey...
Lovecraft, H.P. : Robert Turner, George Hay, Colin Wilson, E. F. Bleiler